Our founder began by working for the U.S. State Department as a technician in 1989 and from there progressed to being a senior tech for vendors and working with companies such as CNN™ and HBO™. 

Trustworthy and Precise Sport Translations

The internationalization of sports, particularly through the success of the Olympics, has made accurate language translation a crucial element in the global sports market. It is essential to provide a seamless experience for international audiences and to increase revenue. Interpretation Audio Support provides a comprehensive solution for all your sports translation needs with a large team of professional translators and subject matter experts, ensuring culturally appropriate and linguistically correct translations.

Interpretation Audio Support stands out not only for its team of experienced sports translators and writers, but also for its cutting-edge translation technology. Our proprietary tools, including a vast multilingual sports terminology database and AI-powered online translation management system, enable our linguists to deliver accurate translations quickly. These tools, such as terminology management and in-context review, also allow for efficient and scalable translation services.

We translate for all sports

At Interpretation Audio Support, we specialize in quickly and accurately translating sports-related content for a variety of languages spoken in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our team of professional sports translators use cutting-edge terminology management tools to guarantee that all translations are both linguistically fluent and technically accurate.

Handling of specialized vocabulary and terms used in sports across multiple languages

Translating specialized sports terms and jargon is essential for providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for international audiences. However, this task can be challenging due to the large number of terms and the need for consistency and accuracy. A more effective approach is to use a dedicated online system to manage the terminology, such as definition, translation, review, and approval, rather than relying on Excel files. By having well-defined terms in multiple languages, it can improve your website’s international SEO, and help your translation vendor produce the best results. Interpretation Audio Support stands out as a leader in professional terminology management, offering the world’s largest wiki-based multilingual terminology solutions, which have helped many clients achieve international success.

Translating your Sports Content to Reach a Wider Market

Interpretation Audio Support is the solution for sports media network and websites that need to translate their videos and articles into multiple languages, including Spanish and Chinese. We specialize in helping these organizations localize content for various sports, allowing them to reach international audiences and fans. Translating sports content can also lead to global SEO success and help promote the brand in multiple languages. Interpretation Audio Support simplifies the process and provides professional translations at an affordable price, so you can expand your international fan base without complications.

Expert translations for professional sports leagues

The professional sports industry is becoming increasingly globalized, driven by advancements in technology and globalization. As a result, sports organizations are utilizing various digital platforms to engage international audiences, in an effort to grow their global reach. These platforms include social media, player forums, live streaming, augmented reality and eSports, all of which require accurate and on-demand translation. Interpretation Audio Support can help sports leagues and clubs succeed in global markets by providing the necessary multilingual content to engage international audiences and stay ahead of the competition.

Precise translations of sports-related content in over 150 different languages

Interpretation Audio Support boasts a vast team of experienced sports translators and multilingual editors, capable of converting a wide range of sports-related content between English and over 150 other languages including Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese.