Who we serve

Our founder began by working for the U.S. State Department as a technician in 1989 and from there progressed to being a senior tech for vendors and working with companies such as CNN™ and HBO™. 


Medical Conference Interpretation

Medical conferences provide a platform for medical professionals and scientists from around the world to gather, share, and discuss new information and innovations. Medical organizations and institutions host a wide range of conferences annually, in addition to international society events. These events bring together doctors and researchers with various interests, from cutting-edge robotic surgical techniques to cutting-edge stem cell research, new drugs to cancer breakthroughs.

Our skilled conference interpreters possess both specialized industry knowledge and linguistic and cultural proficiency in the languages needed. Our interpreters conduct thorough research ahead of assignments to ensure accurate and precise delivery of your information. Our extensive network of conference interpreters allows us to provide language services for various industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and scientific events such as conferences, seminars, and symposiums.

Our interpreters and transaltors are 100% HIPAA and GDPR compliant

Legal Interpreting

Interpretation Audio Support has served thousands of legal clients, including law firms, court reporting agencies, government entities, in-house legal departments, and public officials, providing exceptional legal interpretation services to meet your intricate language requirements. We provide on-site, video remote (VRI), and telephonic interpreting services (OPI) in over 150+ languages across the United States and worldwide.

Interpretation Audio Support partners with various legal organizations, such as:

* Law Firms
* In-House Legal Departments
* Governmental Agencies
* Court Reporting Agencies
* Local Courts
* Federal & International Courts
* Immigration

Educational Interpreting

Interpretation Audio Support has been a leading provider of language services in the education sector. We have established ourselves as the preferred choice for many educational institutions across the U.S., working with a range of multicultural and multilingual groups. We offer over 150 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL) and Closed Captioning (CART), as well as cutting-edge equipment and technical support. Our services are available in the U.S and globally.


* Elementary Schools
* Middle Schools
* High Schools
* Charter Schools
* Private Schools
* Trade Schools
* Vocational Schools
* Preparatory Schools
* School Districts
* Colleges
* Universities
* Community Colleges
* Non-Profits
* NGO’s

Conference Interpreting

Interpretation Audio Support has been a premier provider of conference and event interpreting for over 25 years. Operating both nationwide and internationally, our team of expert interpreters and technicians are equipped to handle events of all sizes, from small gatherings to large-scale events with 50,000 attendees.

Types of Events We Support:

Annually, thousands of meetings and events are hosted and for the past 25 years, we’ve been providing conference interpreting services for a wide range of these events. Interpretation Audio Support has worked with individuals across various industries and settings. Although we are capable of handling most events, our interpreters have extensive experience in:

* Events
* Meetings
* Conferences
* Training Sessions
* Conventions
* Trade shows
* Focus Groups
* Webinars
* Live Streaming
* Symposiums
* Webcasts
* Human Resource matters
* Facility Tours


For nearly 25 years, we’ve been providing our federal, state, and local governments with comprehensive language services, including interpretation, document translations, messaging, and more.

Interpretation Audio Support has collaborated with several government entities on diverse projects. A few examples of these institutions include:

* International Agencies
* Law Enforcement Agencies
* Military Officials
* State Agencies
* Administrative Departments
* City Councils
* Federal Agencies
* Government Officials
* Department of Homeland Security
* Department of Agriculture

Travel & Tourism

Success in the travel industry requires delivering comprehensive customer support throughout the entire travel experience, from planning to post-travel. Are you effectively communicating with your customers in their preferred language?

The rise of globalization has changed the way we travel, leading to a greater diversity of tourists visiting destinations beyond their home countries and continents. The travel and hospitality industries face new challenges to attract and serve these international customers. To succeed, it’s crucial to communicate clearly with travelers in their own language and to culturally adapt materials for them. Simple translations alone are not enough.

Banking and Financial

Accuracy is crucial in the financial services and banking sector. Mere translation or interpretation is often insufficient. Global financial firms must collaborate with a language service provider (LSP) experienced in this highly regulated field.

Financial choices often have significant impact on individuals and their families. Understanding the details and consequences of these choices in one’s native language enables informed decision making.

At Interpretation Audio Support, our global network of certified interpreters has a deep understanding of finance and we offer technology-based solutions like Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) to provide real-time, human connection for clients and partners.